RV Tips: 5 Security Tips for RVers

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge into RV ownership and purchased that Keystone Avalanche fifth wheel from RCD RV Sales.  Now that you have the RV of your dreams, it’s time to make sure your RV is protected from potential security threats.  Learn what you can do to upgrade your RV security in these 5 RV tips. 

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Upgrade Your Locks

One of the best ways to improve the security of your RV is by switching out the factory-installed lock.  Almost all manufacturers use a generic RV lock and key, which can be unlocked by most RV keys.  Set your mind at ease by installing a keypad RV Lock, which you can buy on Amazon.com. It’s easy to install and will make a world of difference in your peace of mind.


Buy a Hitch Guard

 Another fear for many RVers with towable units is that thieves could drive up, hitch up your rig, and drive off.  That is why many RV owners will install a hitch lock or a hitch guard. Just having one of these locks installed on your RV can deter potential thieves. 

Get a Safe

Keep your valuables lock up when you leave them in a safe.  Some RV units will have safes already installed, but you can buy one to install yourself.  Additionally, RVs have plenty of places to hide a safe that are difficult to find, but easy to reach if you know where it is.

Motion Detector Lights

Yet another great way to just deter a potential thief is to install motion-sensor lights on the outside of your RV.  Anyone looking to cause trouble will be frightened away by the threat of being seen, especially if you are parked in a crowded area.

Bright Light

Security System

Some campers will even install security systems in their RVs.  Full-time RVers primarily do this, but some snowbirds or seasonal campers will do so. These security systems are easy to connect with sensors that attach along the windows and doors so that you will be alerted whenever a door or window is opened.

No matter where you plan to go in your new RV from RDC RV Sales, it’s important to stay safe.  For more ideas on keeping your RV secure, contact us.

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