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Roof Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

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Our RV service center near Columbus is dedicated to maintaining your prized vehicle. Whether your RV is brand new or has seen dozens of journeys, a trip to the service center is inevitable. Luckily, our entire RV service team features individuals with tons of knowledge and know-how, delivering high-quality RV maintenance and repairs.

RV Roof Repair and Replacement Near Columbus

The roof is an essential component of your RV, keeping the natural elements from entering the interior. Our service center offers a variety of roof-related maintenance and repairs like roof membrane condition and sealant, or a roof reseal (part of the Platinum Service Package).

Through these services and more, our RV service technicians can help you make the most of your vehicle, and minimize any worries you may have while traveling. Two prominent types of RV roofs you may see are rubber roofs and fiberglass roofs – each of them have their own type of care, and our technicians are ready to provide it.

RV rubber roof repair generally involves replacing the rubber membrane, sub-roof and sealant, while fiberglass roof repair service usually targets damaged sections only. Either way, our goal is to work diligently on your RV roof, getting you and your traveling party back on the road in no time.

If you notice any issues with your roof, we highly recommend bringing your RV in for service as soon as possible. Ignoring or delaying repairs could result in leaks, mildew, rot and other water damage, which could potentially ruin the interior of your RV.

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Are you looking to bring your RV in for roof maintenance, repair or replacement? Schedule a service appointment with us or take a closer look at our service packages. If you have any questions about maintaining your RV roof, be sure to contact us at one of our various locations online

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