How Often Should I Get an Oil Change for My RV?

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Your RV oil is incredibly important, as it allows for smooth operation and should be monitored in order to optimize performance. Luckily, RV owners can always rely on our RV service center near Columbus for essential services and maintenance, including an RV oil change.

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Engine oils lubricate moving engine components, meaning low oil levels or dirty oil may lead to eventual or immediate engine failure. With that said, the frequency at which you change your RV oil depends on a number of factors, including number of miles traveled combined with engine run time, your RV engine and age, as well as your typical driving environment including towing vehicles, bumpy roads or extreme temperatures.

Typically, you should change your RV’s oil every 5,000 miles for traditional oils and up to 15,000 miles for full synthetic oils. If you’re constantly towing with your RV or frequent roads that prompt your engine to work harder, you may need an oil change sooner.

Oil breaks down over time as it heats up and circulates throughout the engine, so oil tends to break down quicker when your engine has to work harder. Older engines also don’t run as cleanly or efficiently, which could lead to needing oil changes more frequently. If you constantly find your RV oil quickly getting dirty, you may need to consider an oil change every 2,500 miles or so.

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If your RV needs an oil change, be sure to schedule a service appointment with our RV service center near Columbus. We also recommend taking a closer look at our available service packages, and if you have any questions about routine maintenance for your RV, contact us at one of our locations online. 

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