When Do I Change the Tires on My RV?

A close-up of Forest River Sabre RV tires

Depending on the amount you may be traveling, tire maintenance can be one of the most important aspects of your RV’s overall lifespan. Our RV service center near Columbus is dedicated to helping you travel with ease, and tending to your RV through routine maintenance is a major aspect of that.

RV Tire Replacement Near Me

A good rule of thumb is to replace your RV tires every three to five years. However, it should be noted that a variety of factors can come into play when dealing with your tires’ conditions. In other words, the five-year timeframe is generally reserved for RV tires that have been well cared for over that entire span.

Some issues regarding your RV tires that may fly under the radar include the tires’ overall quality, the strain on the tires due to the weight of your RV, underinflated tires and extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.  If you’re unsure whether you need a tire replacement sooner rather than later, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often do I inspect tire pressure?
  • How much weight does my RV usually carry?
  • Have I ever carried extremely heavy loads over the course of a long road trip?
  • Have I used tire covers when storing my RV?
  • Do I usually travel at high speeds?

The answers to these questions may greatly affect how often your RV needs its tires replaced. Whatever the case may be, our certified technicians are prepared to install brand new tires when needed, so you can continue your adventures with peace of mind.

Schedule RV Tire Service Near Columbus, OH

If your RV is in need of tire replacement service, we highly recommend scheduling a service appointment with us at our RV service center near Columbus. You can also take a closer look at our available service packages, and if you have any questions about RV tires or routine maintenance, contact us at one of our locations online. 

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