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Pleasure-Way RVs For Sale

Side view of the Pleasure-Way Ascent in Brilliant Silver Metallic

New Pleasure-Way RV Inventory

Are you looking for a Class B motorhome? Shoppers in the Delaware, OH area can browse through our new Pleasure-Way inventory to find their next RV! Visit RCD RV for a closer look at all of our new RVs for sale.

New Pleasure-Way RVs For Sale

Pleasure-Way Industries has been manufacturing Class B motorhomes since 1986. As a family-owned and operated business, the brand consistently prioritizes the relationships between owners, dealers, and employees.

Produced in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Pleasure-Way introduces a great way to travel, with a strong heritage of innovation and integrity. Pleasure-Way founder, Merv Rumpel started the company on the foundation of an old-fashioned work ethic, pride in craftsmanship and a customer comes first approach to business.

This mentality continues to shape how Pleasure-Way operates, producing a new standard in RV design and quality through a variety of Class B motorhomes. Pleasure-Way produced its 15,000th unit off the production line in December 2018, and is looking forward to coming milestones in the years to come.

Pleasure-Way RV Brands

Those in the market for a brand new RV can find a number of Pleasure-Way RVs at our Delaware, OH dealership, such as:

Typically sleeping up to two or three, Pleasure-Way Class B motorhomes are compact yet spacious, allowing you to comfortably bring your essentials on your journeys.

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Are you interested in traveling in a brand new Pleasure-Way RV? Check out our full selection of new Pleasure-Way RVs at our Delaware, OH location.

Do you have some questions about Pleasure-Way or RVs in general? Be sure to contact us at one of our various locations online. We hope to see you at one of our RCD RV locations soon!

New Pleasure-Way RV Inventory