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RV Propane System Repair

Gray and blue propane tanks in a Forest River RV

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Our RV service center near Columbus is here to help with any RV-related issues through high-quality service and repairs. If your RV utilizes a propane system, you may encounter some common issues including appliances not lighting, uncertainty regarding propane levels in the tank and other roadblocks preventing proper system operation.

RV Propane System Repair Near Columbus

It’s recommended that you replace a propane regulator every five years due to the rubber diaphragm inside that deteriorates over time. Varying temperatures can also play a part in the wear and tear of the regulator, and if you’re unsure about the age of your regulator, assume it’s expired and have it replaced. 

Our RV technicians near Columbus can help determine the integrity of your regulator by conducting a pressure test and regulator lockout test. From replacing the regulator to leaking propane lines and performing an annual system check-up, our service team is dedicated to providing the RV propane system maintenance your vehicle needs, so you can continue your journeys with peace of mind. 

If you suspect a propane leak is present, turn off the propane tank as well as the appliances that use propane, and ventilate the area by opening all doors and windows. Our certified technicians can help with the repairs from there, and it’s important you do not attempt to fix the leak yourself.

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If you’re looking to bring your RV in due to a potential propane system issue, we strongly encourage you to schedule a service appointment with us or take a closer look at our available service packages. If you have any questions about maintaining your RV or the propane system, be sure to contact us at one of our locations online. We look forward to helping you keep your RV in tip-top shape!

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