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Winterize Your RV

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Properly equipping your RV for the cold is incredibly important, and our RV service center near Columbus is eager to assist. With various aspects to keep in mind while winterizing your RV, our excellent service technicians are more than ready for the job.

How to Winterize My RV

Winterizing your RV is a major help in the long run, allowing you to pick back up where you left off when spring comes back around. Through these various services and proper storage, you can avoid any unwanted headaches on your next journey.

Drain/Flush Water Tanks and Water Heater

It’s imperative to not let wastewater sit in your RV through the entire winter. Cleanliness aside, the water may freeze and cause issues during extreme temperatures. By cleaning your water tinks and water heater, you can minimize any water-related issues during the winter.

Bypass the Water Heater

Bypassing the water heater before adding antifreeze to your RV can prevent antifreeze from entering the water heater.

Drain the Fresh Tank and Low Point Drains

Water pressure should be turned off before removing the plug to drain the freshwater tank. Opening the faucets can help facilitate flow, but make sure to close all faucets and plug low-point drains afterward.

External Faucets and Valves

After flushing antifreeze through the water system, you can open low-point drain valves or loosen the low-point drain plugs to allow water to run through. Pink water means the antifreeze has successfully circulated through the pipes. Turn on outside showers or faucets outside your RV until the water is pink, as well.

Internal Faucets, Showers and Toilets

This process is the same as the previous one, but for inside amenities.

Additional Antifreeze

Pouring additional antifreeze down the drain of each sink, shower and toilet can ensure exterior termination pipes don’t freeze over during the winter. After ensuring your water heater’s heating element is turned off and all faucets are closed, your RV is ready for the winter!

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If you’re looking for professional assistance when winterizing your RV, schedule a service appointment with us and be sure to browse through our available service packages. If you have any questions about RV winter service, be sure to contact us at one of our various locations online

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